Speaker's line up throughout various TallinnSec meetups

  • Experiences in browser bug farming - Aki Helin (Solita Oy)
  • Owning web apps through CORS misconfiguration - Niklas Särökaari (Silverskin)
  • Communication solution based on end-to-end hardware encryption - Stefano Alberico (Crip.to)
  • Only an Electron away from code execution - Silvia Väli (Clarified Security)
  • Stories from a bugbounty program - Joakim Tauren (Visma)
  • DevSec - Antti Virtanen (Solita Oy)
  • WAN-to-LAN exploitation of 4G broadband modem - Iiro Uusitalo (Solita Oy)
  • Database Hoarding. For fun and profit - Shamil Alifov
  • Road ahead for encrypted web with Certbot and Let's Encrypt - Joona Hoikkala (Solita Oy)

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