Are you ready for 3 days of malware analysis? If so, keep reading!

TallinnSec together with b!nalyze is making an entry to 2019 with super super awesome training hosted at the grounds of Solita from 18-20th of January (FRI-SUN). All 3 training days are full days from 10am-5pm and participants are provided with snacks and coffee. Lunch should be taken care by the participants themselves during the lunch break.

Course outline over 3 days:

  • Day 1: Inside the machine
    • focus on program execution flow, C programming language basics & hands on reverse engineering. Buzzwords here are: x86 architecture, calling conventions, data movement, design and running a CPU on good old paper.
  • Day 2: Malware Analysis 101
    • overview of malware families and malware analysis types
    • how to set up your own malware analysis lab and the anomalies you can meet on the way
    • static analysis with an in depth look into PE file format
    • from baby steps to using IDA pro like a PRO
  • Day 3: Dynamic malware analysis
    • What do you know of the workings of a debugger? Sysinternals?
    • Anti-analysis methods
    • LABS, LABS, LABS - cracking an application, analysing malware samples and a polymoprhic infector

At the end of the day 3, each participant will be given a certificate of attendance!
See more detailed course outline here and register here

PS!! As we are limiting the seats for the workshop to 20, priority seats will go in first order to TallinnSec members (deadline: 6th of January midnight) and then to the public. To read more about becoming a TallinnSec member, click here.

Stay tuned for our next meetups on our website as well as on TallinnSec meetup page.