New TallinnSec season starts off by introducing you to the CCDCOE (The NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence).

Place: CR14 (Rävala 14, Tallinn)
Time: 18.00-21.00
Sign up at (SEATS ARE FULL):


  • 18.00 Doors, welcome by Silvia/Matis from TallinnSec Meetup
  • 18.15-18.20 Intro/welcome + what and why about CR14 (Silver Saks, CCDCOE Tech Branch mastermind behind the EX tech setup)
  • 18.20 – 18:50 World´s largest and most complex live-fire technical cyber exercise Locked Shields (LS) tech background (Silver Saks, CCDCOE Tech Branch)
  • 19:00-19:45 Red Team actions at the LS and finding it in the packet capture/Moloch (joint show by Taavi Sonets (Clarified Security) and Markus Kont (Tech Researcher at the CCDCOE )
  • 20:00 LS reactions (Silver) 15 min
  • 20:20-20:35 Weekend Fun with CCDCOE web CTF (Mikk Romulus, CCDCOE Tech Branch) 15 min - presentation of the homework
  • 20:35-21:00 Buzz
  • 21:00 Closing time

PS! We are always looking for speakers/workshops/tool reviews etc for all our coming events. If you want to share something awesome with our community contact us at [email protected]

Can't wait to see you all there!
TallinnSec team

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